Bali, Indonesia

  • Welcome all ICF Coaches to a profound conversation. What if we could envision some major ways to shift the world’s future through our coaching work. Take two days, April 6th and 7th in Bali, to open a doorway. Discover your contribution to humanities evolution.
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Join us for an interactive two-day Think Tank of discussion and presentation.

Followed by a guided tour of Bali the next day. Discover exciting new initiatives in the world of coaching, enhance your learning, and develop valuable networking opportunities.

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The Master Game
  • Life and Business Coaching Training - Online and On-location

    Leaders of Coaching.

    The 3rd International World Game Conference will feature a multicultural meetup, a chance for North American coaches to meet European coaches and Asian coaches, and for each of us to reflect on our evolving role as leaders in the field of international coaching development.


    We hope this will be of great fun for you, as well as an opportunity to reunite with old and new friends from the ever expanding solution focused coaching network of Erickson.

    The World Game is our game, and I personally hope that you will have a wider understanding and a deeper commitment to creating and growing your own world game in addition to new insights on the unfolding coaching purpose. Erickson players belong to one of the earliest coaching schools in the world and now the largest; therefore, it is fitting that we host this conference for the world-wide coaching community. To create a truly international forum we are inviting coaches from all coaching schools interested in playing the World Game. We hope to have groups and individuals from each of the 40 countries that Erickson trains in attending this conference, plus many participants from other countries and coaching schools who want to unite with our purpose.

    There is so much we can learn, share, and contribute to each other within the context of international coaching development. Taking a day to sincerely look at our joint purpose will be useful for each of us. During this unique conference we have a wide variety of exercises for you that delves into your own Creative Dreaming World Game. We anticipate many powerful conversations about themes. Creative Dreaming will facilitate the opportunities and ideas generated. It is our hope that in this dynamic think tank many of you will leave with new and rekindled relationships, a deeper understanding of how coaching is developing internationally, and a burning desire to create and play your own World Game.

    Welcome! All the warmest to you,
    Marilyn Atkinson

  • Life and Business Coaching Training - Online and On-location

    Harris Hotel & Residences

    On Sunset Road, at the cross-road of Denpasar, Sanur, Seminyak and Kuta. Nearby Sunset area leading shopping centers, wholesale handicrafts shops and entertainments, this hotel is the perfect starting point to enjoy Bali for business and leisure.


    3rd World Game Conference Pass: $250 USD

    April 6-7, 2016, 8:00am – 6:00pm, Harris Hotel, Bali. Registration includes admission to the conference, lunch, and all coffee breaks.

    Guided Bali Tour – $50 USD

    Turtle Island Uluwatu Bali Tour, April 8, 2016
    All day.
    A one-day glass bottom boat tour of Bali.

    Erickson Course Schedule:

    April 1-4, 2016. “Advance of the Spirit: Deep Coaching for Deep Awakening of True Human Potential” Marilyn Atkinson, PhD. $515 USD.

    April 10-13, 2016. “High Performance 4D Team Coaching” Marilyn Atkinson, PhD. $515 USD.

    For registration, please visit: The World Game website.

    The Conference Venue: Harris Hotel – Bali

    Standard Room: $55 USD/night

    Alternative Hotels

    Aston Kuta Hotel & Residences

    Standard Room: $78 USD/night

    Risata Bali Resort & Spa

    Standard Room: $75 USD/night




  • Day 1

    8:00 am Registration & Networking
    8:30 am Welcome
    9:00 am What is the World Game
    10:00 am Keynote Speaker 1
    11:00 am Breakout Speakers
    11:45 am Lunch
    12:45 pm Bali Dance
    1:00 pm Keynote Speaker 2
    2:00 pm World Game Café
    3:00 pm Break
    3:30 pm World Game Panel Discussion
    4:30 pm Closing

    Day 2

    8:00 am Registration & Networking
    8:30 am Morning Art Opening
    9:00 am What is the Tipping Point Clock
    10:00 am Keynote Speaker 3
    11:00 am Breakout Speakers: The World Game in Business
    11:45 am Lunch
    12:45 pm Angklung Music and Kekak Dance
    1:00 pm Keynote Speaker 4
    2:00 pm World Coaching Café
    3:00 pm Break
    3:30 pm World Game Showcase
    4:15 pm Awards
    5:00 pm Angklung Music, Poco-Poco Dance and Kekak Dance
    5:45 pm String Closing with Song

  • Marilyn Atkinson, PhD. What is the World Game? How do I Play? – Imagine if your very own efforts could tip the balance in the world? What if your own coaching could generate a change in mind-set, first with thousands, then with millions of people?

    Peter Stefanyi, PhD, PCC. Use the World Game Clock -Declaration starts everything! We are building a ‘Tipping Point Clock’ as a game frame for empowerment! Come and learn how to set your life game with this amazing tool!

    Christopher Cooke, MSc., B.A., FellowRSA with Sheila Cooke. Stepping Through the Worldview Membrane –How do we step through the worldview membrane? This will be a thoughtful and interactive presentation, that outlines a pathway for coaches to release latent worldviews in themselves and their clients.

    Peter Wrycza, PhD, PCC. Catching the Transformational Wave – As we edge towards the ‘requiem scenario’ of self-destruction, dis- covering holistic ways of resolving our collective challenges become urgent. Theory W suggests that when we approach challenges with open minds, hearts, and wills, we receive insight and inspiration from the unifying source of life itself.

    Richard A. Bowell, Visionary U.N. Coaching Leader. Human Evolutionary Change –Through a highly refined template, Richard shows the way to discover our inner human world and enhance its beauty, connectiveness and purpose.

    Mark Fournier, Emmy Award-Winning Producer.Become a ‘Game Changer’: “The Gandhi Effect” – Mark Fournier will share compelling examples of coaching proj- ects for humanity that he and others have ‘gamified’, while also showing you how YOU can do the same.

    Gaurav Arora, PCC. We are BORN to Be Happy – Gaurav’s session revolves around the importance of identifying “Why” we are born. He provides details to instill faith that we are born to be Happy and CREATE something magical around our- selves.

    Carla Benedetti, PCC. Ethics, the will to Do the Right Thing – How do “WE” decide what is right and what is wrong? “WE” will explore various ethical options to create harmony in our relationship with ourselves, with others and with the Universe for a new ethical leadership.

    Lyra Puspa, PCC. Humanize the Human: A Coaching Impact Perspective – When Human ‘Doing’ and Human ‘Having’ unfold their awareness and unleash their Human Being within, then everything is possible. Lyra will show the measured result of this enlightening awareness based on extensive research of coaching impact.

    Silvia Viola, PCC. S.T.A.R.T.
     – This presentation is about where to S.T.A.R.T. ‘S,’ Specify; ‘T,’ Today; ‘A,’ Achievable; ‘R,’ Relevant; ‘T,’ Topic. We are empowering dimensions of human attention! this presentation is about your starting point.

    Indira Abidin, M.Ed. 
    How Coaching Works to Help Cancer Patients – The number of cancer incidence is growing all over the world. Most cancer patients feel desperate, demotivated, and alone in facing a cancer diagnosis. Cancer patients need a coaching vision to create hope, awareness, and to open their eyes to opportunities ahead.



  • Life and Business Coaching Training - Online and On-location

    The aim of the game is true awakening.

    If life does not seem to offer a game worth playing, then invent one. For it must be clear, even to the most clouded intelligence, that any game is better than no game.


    Seek, above all, for a game worth playing. Such is the advice of the oracle to modern man. Having found the game, play it with intensity – play as if your life and sanity depend on it; it does depend on it! Follow the example of the French existentialists and flourish a banner bearing the word “engagement”. Though nothing means anything and all roads are marked “no exit”, yet move as if your movements had some purpose. If life does not seem to offer a game worth playing, then invent one. For it must be clear, even to the most clouded intelligence, that any game is better than no game.

    Although it is safe to play the Master Game, this has not served to make it popular. It remains the most demanding and difficult of games, and in our society there are few who play. Contemporary man, hypnotized by the glitter of his own gadgets, has little contact with his inner world, and concerns himself with outer, not inner space. But the Master Game is played entirely in the inner world, a vast and complex territory about which men know very little. The aim of the game is true awakening, full development of the powers latent in man. The game can be played only by people whose observations of themselves and others have led them to a certain conclusion, namely, that man’s ordinary state of consciousness, his so-called waking state, is not
    the highest level of consciousness of which he is capable. In fact, this state is so far from real awakening that it could appropriately be called a form of somnambulism, a condition of “waking sleep”.

    Once a person has reached this conclusion, he is no longer able to sleep comfortably. A new appetite develops within him, the hunger for real awakening, for full consciousness. He realized that he sees, hears, and knows only a tiny fraction of what he could see, hear and know, that he lives in the poorest, shabbiest of rooms in his inner dwelling, and that he could enter other rooms, beautiful and filled with treasures, the windows of which look out on eternity and infinity, The solitary player lives today in a culture that is more or less totally opposed to the aims he has set himself, that does not recognize the existence of the  Master Game, and regards players of this game as queer or slightly mad. The player thus confronts great oppositions from the culture in which he lives and must strive with forces, which tend to bring his game to a halt before it has even started. Only by finding a teacher and becoming part of the group of pupils that that teacher has collected about him can the player find encouragement and support. Otherwise he simply forgets his aim, or wanders off down some side road and loses himself.

    Here it is sufficient to say that the Master Game can never be made easy to play. It demands all that a man has: all his feelings, all his thought, his entire resources, physical and spiritual. If he tries to play it in a half-hearted way or tries to get results by unlawful means, he runs the risk of destroying his own potential. For this reason it is better not to embark on the game at all than to play it half-heartedly.

    Robert S. DeRopp


    The Tipping Point- Erickson’s World Game


    Research has demonstrated that it only takes exposing an idea to 3 percent of a given population to generalize the idea throughout that population. As the conversation generalizes through a community a natural and inevitable shift occurs, permanently altering that system. Imagine a game in which a small group of passionate people from around the world, introduced the power of coaching to each of the communities, networks, and organizations that they touched,with the “3%” in mind. As each community was touched by coaching, the game would naturally expand. More people would join the game and the momentum would build. Coaching ripples would pass through communities just as a wave on the ocean can easily cross the
    sea. Within a few short years more than 3% of the people on earth would have been touched in some way by the power of coaching. What difference would this game make? How would this contribute to the joy, peace and fulfillment of every person on earth? Each of us may answer these questions in our own way and yet be joined in the shared vision and purpose of playing a World Game.

    Erickson is dedicated to touching the lives of people all over the world through coaching. As a catalyst for change we believe teaching people coaching skills is one way we can make an outstanding difference to the future of our world. To inspire people to get involved and create their own world games Erickson and its partners will offer 30 World Game Scholarships this year to individuals from different countries who come up with brilliant games that strengthen:

    • Specific groups of people in the world and their health, learning, and culture
    • Environmental solutions
    • Economic and cultural vision towards the future
    • The viability and development of coaching in diverse environments

    World Game Scholarships can be used towards the purchase of an entire set of The Art and Science of Coaching Modules. Also, we intend to build three coach training centers in three less privileged areas where people can come for intensive style coach education at low or no cost (more info pending).

    Creating A World Game Is A Calling


    We are calling not just for ourselves but for those around us to awaken to our true life development, contribution, and communal purpose. We are calling others to play for their communities with courage and vision! Together we can create a story that is far bigger than the individual, a vision of emergence throughout the world that allows us all to be proud of who we are and what we have already accomplished, and to want to contribute further. This is exactly the mood, the quality of love, and contribution that is at the heart of the world game- the giant ‘WE’ that unites us.

    Your World Game Equals Your Legacy


    Connecting with your deepest values and sense of purpose you ask yourself, “What real legacy can I give to the world?” Humans have been thinking of their children as their legacy. That was highly relevant in past times and, of course, is still relevant in part – always; but the issue of legacy goes much deeper today. Today our world is in danger. We live in a world with deep  requirements that need our immediate attention. If your game addresses only one specific need that you’ve identified then you have made a significant contribution to the world at large. Most people keep their ‘wishes for another world success’ quite abstract, however our children are inheriting a very specific world. Our lives are busy and designing a legacy seems difficult, maybe even overwhelming. Yet, the lives of our children are totally dependent on the world they inherit. The same is true for our children’s children. Together we are all naturally part of the great game of human development. We need to learn to become personally responsible.

    How Do We Begin to Create A World Game?


    Begin by asking: What is my legacy for world? How can I contribute in a meaningful way? Then make sure your plan is SMARRT. What does SMARRT mean?

    • Is it specific to today’s needs?
    • How can we measure it?
    • Is it achievable?
    • Is it truly relevant?
    • Is it realistically possible?
    • And by when? (timed)

    Ask yourself: After I am gone 100 years, how will my world game legacy matter? Your game should be useful to others and encapsulate a multidimensional vision of lasting importance. A challenge, we know, and we believe you are up to it!

    Blessing Games


    An example of a ‘blessing game’ is when people decide to run a race for a charity, and get many family and friends to sponsor them with a few dollars per mile that are collected and given to the charity. Perhaps you have seen that wonderful car bumper sticker from year 2001 that invites you to do a daily ‘Random act of kindness?’ What a concept! Yes, we have all received such kindness from others. Small kindnesses have warmed our heart and made our day. But, the bumper sticker idea itself… now that was a brilliant way to exponentially increase the possibility of sending out that wonderful concept into many thought streams. Kindness as a concept, kindness as a daily action, and kindness as a life system; what a big, innovative, audacious
    invitation presented ‘randomly’ on multiple bumper stickers. A more complex example might be using a government tax break offered, to a build an advertised business game to sponsor one specific world challenge such as providing mosquito netting in a malaria zone in Africa. Blessing games are small examples of Global Thinking. They require a big change however, as they assist
    people to focus beyond personal to global; beyond self enrichment to world development.

    Level 8 Thinking- Raising Consciousness Around The World


    What then is a world game? A world game is a ‘leverage game’ that compels you to learn, gain skills, develop a vision and contribute it. You set it up by declaring a world ‘cause,’ a framework for professional kindness, that also enrols others into a compelling vision for action, just like the ‘Random Acts’ bumper sticker’s did. To create real leverage you need to build a game that strongly interests others, and that is worth everyone’s time and effort. As well, you need to develop an engaging framework for follow-through. The aim is to connect your world cause with actionable, measurable steps that people want to take. You need a game structure where you and others can actually gauge results! Finding such a game plan for your life is truly worth the
    quality of attention it requires.

    When you build a World Game you assist those around you to access sponsorship thinking, Level 8 Thinking, where we treat our actions in the world as powerfully generative of social impact. A sponsorship approach to life forms deep channels in your personal brain, and much more importantly, creates new waves of energy in the world mind. Thinking long term entails  sponsoring others into the advantages that you have.When we move to World Game thinking, we can begin to resolve,  replenish, and assist our suffering world.
    Marilyn Atkinson, PhD
    October 24, 2013