Creating Transformational Metaphors

Transformational Metaphors

by Marilyn Atkinson, PhD


We are excited to announce the release of Dr. Marilyn Atkinson’s fourth published book, Creating Transformational Metaphors! Creating Transformational Metaphors is the accumulation of 30 years of teaching in 40 countries. One of Marilyn’s signature styles when completing a module of training is the telling of a captivating, and transformational story. This book takes you to the heart of her passion and vision of those stories.

Written for coaches and coach trainers, for use with individuals and groups, Creating Transformational Metaphors gives you the tools and examples you need to be able to create and develop bespoke metaphors unique to your clients. By creating personalized metaphors for your clients directly, you can expand the choice of solutions, cutting through to the patterns of your clients. Learn to use advanced metaphors to link people to the key principles that inspire, open, and deeply expand their awareness. With a consciousness metaphor: We learn to share our experiences in a way that can create similar success with others. We show how people learn and grow.

Through the story, we discover how to open up to people, even strangers, and see them like being ourselves.  We can, more effectively, speak to old emotional constrictions and assist others to move past old negative emotions. We can demonstrate these fear habits in our stories and metaphorically show how to move beyond them. Metaphors allow us to connect to others, and their experiences more freely. Metaphorically, we learn how to speak to deep experience.

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