Media Exposure: Public Relations for Coaches

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Public relations is one of the most effective ways to get exposure for your coaching business and develop credibility. The results may take some time to materialize on your bottom line, but it’s a powerful way to develop your brand and put yourself on the map as an expert in a certain area.


Within my first two years of business, I had the great fortune of appearing on the front page of the Vancouver Sun. Two years later, someone called out of the blue and said, “I’ve had that article in my briefcase for two years cialis no prescription.” Long before we ever talked, I had already established credibility and trust with her. She was ready to hire me on the spot.


A word to the wise: differentiate yourself!


Whenever you have a great PR opportunity, I strongly encourage you to stake a claim with a specific niche. Position yourself as an expert so you stand out from other professionals and coaches who are getting exposure.




If you want to appear in the press, you must have an exciting story and a specific angle.


  • Ask yourself, what are the three biggest problems that my potential clients have? What is a great story or angle on that?
  • You might leverage a current event, compelling story or newly-released study, and connect it to your niche or the results you generate.
  • Use recent statistics to make a case. Restate them and then build context around them.
  • You might compliment a recent article, or take issue with it by expressing an opposing position.


Years ago, in the late 1990s, the cover of Time Magazine blared, “Need a life? Get a coach!” I leveraged that article in every press release that I sent out, saying Time Magazine is doing a cover story on coaching. According to the article, coaching is an up-and-coming profession, growing very quickly in the United States but still in its infancy in Canada. I know your readers would benefit tremendously by learning more about coaching.” You wouldn’t believe how much press coverage I got with that angle!


Passion into Profit Coaches Challenge: Brainstorm the various stories you could share with the media and consider adding public relations to your marketing activities.

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