Guest Post: The Trail To Erickson Coaching

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Guest Post: Cathy Edwards


Lately I have been feeling something that I haven’t felt in a very long time…I am excited.  I can hear it in my voice and feel it rise up every time I talk to someone about coaching and my vision of helping others through coaching.  It was quite a different picture a year ago.


I came a across a journal entry that I wrote almost a year ago while I was visiting my daughter in England.  It reminded me of how different things are today.  I wrote:


Heading back home today and I am really not looking forward to it.  I feel like I have no direction.  I have come to believe that I will not be able to do a job about which I can be passionate about and meet my financial needs.  So my search for my “destiny” continues.


So how did I get here?  I can really pin point two conversations that changed my thinking and my belief.  The first was with my mentor and friend from my teenage years.  One day when I returned from that trip, I popped around to her house just to hang out.  We started talking about how I was feeling and she asked me, “what would you like to do?”  Many of the options we discussed required many more years of education, which didn’t seem realistic at that point.  Surely, I pondered, there is something that I can do which would use all my education, life experience and gifts to help others. I started to dream about helping others going through divorce.  My sister, children, nieces, and friends all thought it was a great idea and a good fit for me.


The next pivotal conversation was with my cousin visit the website. She had come to stay with me so that we could travel together to our Aunt’s funeral.  Over breakfast we had a conversation about the dream I was developing of becoming a divorce coach.  Her response was, “that is a great idea”.  She is on staff at a major Canadian university and knew that many of her colleagues take online courses.  She began an Internet search at the dinning room table and that morning we found the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  Suddenly my dream started to come into focus.


After that weekend, I continued my search through the ICF website for a course that suited me.  I found Erickson College’s “The Art and Science of Coaching”.  Erickson caught my attention because it is an international school but who’s head office is in Canada.  It is live, interactive and best of all they offer a free introductory session called Experience Coaching.


The free session introduced me to the basics of “The Art and Science of Coaching”. I was able to experience a typical coaching session and get a real feel of how the course would function.  My session was with Heather Parks (PCC, NLP Master Practitioner & ICF Mentor Coach) on Cisco’s WebEx webinar platform.  The beauty of WebEx is that it is live and interactive.  There were people from different corners of the world and we could all see Heather’s slides.  I enjoyed the interactive experience with Heather.  I could hear her and other participants clearly.  This was NOT a video training series.  It was LIVE FROM VANCOUVER! There was even a breakout session where Heather broke us up into pairs. She even had the ability to drop in on our session to see how we were doing.  My very first breakout was with someone in Australia.  How awesome is that!


That session sealed the deal for me.  I signed up in more ways than one.


Have I found my destiny?  I don’t think it was ever lost.  I just needed to find a way to focus, clarify and take some action.  I am weeks away from completing The Art & Science of Coaching Module IV.  I have grown in confidence and skill, while developing a network of peer coaches from around the world.  It has been an amazing experience!


About Cathy: Cathy is a caring and insightful person who has a passion for helping others. Having been through two divorces herself, Cathy wants to use what she has learned to help others.   Cathy also brings ten years of experience working in family law, and a background in theology.  She is currently in the process of becoming a Professional Coach (PC) through Erikson College (Vancouver, BC) and plans to become an accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation.

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