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The Trainer’s Training | Standing In Contribution in Antalya, Turkey

This program will give you ample opportunity to design, organize and model your own training using unique formats that promote and encourage transformational development. “A Standing in Contribution – a Trainers’ Training” is an interactive course with a very specific focus on Transformational Thinking.

Notice to Coaches: “Standing in Contribution – a Trainers’ Training” is now recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a course supplying a total of 56 hours of Continuing Coaching Education Units. The course focuses first and most on the Psychology of Empowerment, utilizing Training in Transformation as a method. Our aim is training trainers to be inspirational and motivational.

PART I – Powerful Presentations | PART II – Creative Course Design

We will explore how to create trust in Unity Consciousness. This includes how to align with others in such a way that people recognize and respond to the deep core of their own inner truth. It also includes how to eliminate the ‘fear’ conversations and controversies that stop exploration and development.

  • How to elicit your students’ highest calling and their service to the future development of others
  • How to engage your students in visioning as a series of developmental life distinctions
  • Developing habits of practice and consistency
  • Developing ability to handle confusion and multiple goals
  • How to deepen relationships
  • How to effectively maximize motivation around choices and commitments
  • How to manage yourself to develop as a role model, and a leader

Part I: April 27 – 30, 2014

Part II: May 2 – 5, 2014

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The Advanced Trainer’s Training | Developing Tipping Point Awareness

If you have completed Trainer’s Training, Standing in Contribution, then you are aware of the powerful extensions in ability, strategy, and participant-centered thinking that the program encourages. 

Advanced Trainer’s Training is both a ‘tune up’ and an extension of the first program. It adds multiple areas of ‘extended reach’ to your abilities. The four day program focuses on the key tipping points to generate a higher and deeper learning experience for your participants, allow you to deliver:

  • Increased level of skill development.
  • Improved skill retaining.
  • Return participants again and again to your programs.
  • Better ‘uptime’ awareness with your group.
  • A meaningful group dynamic through community.
  • Genuine transformation for your participants.

The course is designed to sharpen your awareness with practical details and new exercises. Come join us for this exciting, far reaching program.

Advanced Train The Trainer: May 7 – 10, 2014

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“Amazing what transformation and progress I was able to make. I truly recommend this awesome training to anyone who wants to be a great trainer.” Lydia Sirotova, Professional Coach, Bratislava, Slovakia

“We by nature are all ‘standing in contribution’, but in order to get a natural inspiration one needs to join.  This is such a great program for every person who wans to consider himself or herself as a trainer.  To find the true teacher within you who leads to mastery, just be present in this course.”  Zerrin Baser, M.D., ICF PCC