The Light of The Enneagram

A journey of self-enlightenment and self-acceptance.

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personality exploration utilizing ancient wisdom and based on early relationships within the family. Discover which one of the nine distinct personality types, is the habitual lense through which you view the world.

Exploring and understanding each type’s natural inclinations and perspectives provides a framework for personal evolution and healthy, dynamic relationships. Combining the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram with Solution Focused distinctions gives us the freedom to embrace who we are, and create who we will become.

The Light of the Enneagram three day workshop is interactive and experiential. Exploration of the Enneagram offers very powerful insights into the fundamental behavioural beliefs or meta-programs that operate at the “programming language” level of the psyche development.  You will have the opportunity to “try on” different Enneagram patterns, explore hidden limiting beliefs, and develop the awareness to choose balanced, accepting, and constructive actions and responses.

Understanding your Enneagram pattern is a key to taming the dragon of negative self-talk. Have you examined your self talk lately? Most individuals have a library of negative self- talk “tapes” – an internal dragon’s lair of conversations about loss, missing wholeness, and helplessness. Enter the dragon’s lair armed with increased self-awareness and the tools to create new patterns of thought and behaviour.

You Will Learn To

  • ~ Explore your ‘historical model’ – the deep patterns you learned within your family
  • ~ Identify your own Enneagram patterns, and recognize the patterns of those around you
  • ~ Utilize the effective coping responses of all Enneagram patterns
  • ~ Master advanced interventions to end the power of negative internal conversations
  • ~ Connect with the evolutionary vision of key people in your life

Day 1

Light of the Enneagram begins with a review of the nine Enneagram patterns utilizing the powerful tools of NLP and Solution Focused counselling methodologies. You will engage in exploratory tests designed to identify your pattern and the pattern of those closest to you.

Day 2

Armed with the knowledge gained in day 1, enter the dragon’s lair to examine and reframe the negative self-talk and non-resourceful patterns that limited you in the past. Powerful exercises will assist you to navigate new areas of personal freedom.

Day 3

Working with deeply transformative exercises you will reconnect with the motivational energy that goes with each pattern. You will move forward on your life’s journey grounded in self awareness – with the resources to transform your relationships.