Four Quadrant Development

You have unlimited potential.

For the past ten years, a revised systemic model for consciousness has been emerging in multiple quarters, finding footholds in the works of Ken Wilber, Dudley Lynch, and Stephen Covey, among others.

Now, Marilyn Atkinson offers a training program that allows Coaches, Facilitators, Consultants, and Trainers a framework to use this methodology for the rapid acceleration of professional development for themselves and for those they coach.

What can people expect as they start to develop finesse with four quadrant explorations? What is possible through personal mastery of four-quadrant thinking?

  • Expansion of heart-mind connection, both in power and creative impact
  • Increased perceptive capacity for discovering powerful questions that fit the moment exactly
  • Ability to springboard into new territories of personal growth
  • Ability to re-vitalize every aspect of your inquiry into mind and self, and to keep that inquiry developing

The course will assist you to build  balance and flexibility in your life and to develop your genius into key areas of intuitive creativity. You come into a developed work and start to use it your own way.

Four-quadrant thinking provides an alphabet. It allows you to translate your experience into balanced, connected forms of thinking that accelerate inner clarity.

Four-quadrant thinking requires exercise. It is a process to be developed not just a structure to be appreciated. Like all training processes, the developer can offer approaches that rapidly accelerates your capacity to progress with the new skills.

The results in this course can be profoundly useful for all aspects of your business. You can (and will) integrate this work immediately into your professional life as a Coach, a Facilitator, a Trainer, a Counsellor, or Consultant.  Since this is a pilot project the cost will be reduced to half price for the first 10 persons who register.

It will ONLY be open to graduates of The Art and Science of Coaching or The Erickson NLP Practitioner Program.