Expanding Emotional Intelligence

Red carpet pathway into real inner development.

Expanding Emotional Intelligence is a three day program (24 hours) designed for widening the space of self knowledge and inner freedom. This program is unique. It is designed for persons who are interested in inner exploration, and it quickly moves them to discover significant doorways into transformational self-coaching.

It is designed to assist inner candor and inner humor. Participants discover they can become a life “editor” developing a self experience that produces strong self trust. People use the course to leave behind old stories, and to create relaxation about their history.

You Will Learn To

  • Move from a contracted to more expansive life experience
  • Move from co-dependence to independence
  • Move from  guarded to more relaxed about yourself
  • Move from  controlling in the family to playful and  stress free

This program gives the participants a system of seven easy ways to amplify the process of life revision and relationship renewal and assists with immediate practice. The exercises keep the process easy and enjoyable. The course is remarkable in that it assists people to shift the inner value of their relationships without attempting to change other persons.